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Date Acquiring pharma company Acquired biotech company Amount Terms / other
2010-02-22 Alliance Pharma (UK) Cambridge Laboratories (Ireland) between £14.3m and £16.4m plus the value of inventory held by the Vendors See details
2010-02-02 Galapagos (Belgium) Argenta Discovery's service operations (UK) €16.5 million cash See details
2010-01-29 Watson Pharmaceuticals (USA) Eden Biodesign (UK) $15 million See details
2010-01-21 Saga Investments (consortium including Polaris Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners) deCODE genetics ehf (Iceland-based subsidiary of deCODE genetics, Inc) drug discovery and development programs   See details
2010-01-20 Qiagen (The Netherlands) ESE GmbH (Germany) $ 19 million in cash See details
2010-01-12 Nutri Pharma ASA (Norway) Bionor Immuno AS (Norway)   See details
2010-01-11 Vivalis (France) Humalys (France) Humalys shareholders will receive €10.4 million through several instalments with a first payment of €3.6 million in January 2010 in exchange for the acquisition on that date of 100% Humalys shares by Vivalis.
In addition, Vivalis will pay a maximum of €15 million over 15 years for payments relating to licenses of the HUMALEX® technology to third parties.
See details
2010-01-04 Novartis (Switzerland) Alcon (Switzerland) Costs for full acquisition of Alcon, including the initial 25% stake purchased in mid-2008, are estimated at $ 49.7 billion (€ 34,1 billion)

The transaction to acquire Nestlé's remaining 52% majority stake for $ 28.1 billion is planned to be funded with available cash resources and up to $ 16 billion of external short- and long-term debt funding.
In 2008, Novartis acquired a 25% stake in Alcon for $ 10.4 billion, or $ 143 per share, financed from internal cash reserves and external short-term financing.
See details
2009-12-30 Sana Pharma (Norway) Immunocorp Consumer Health AS and and Immunocorp Inc. USA, two Biotec Pharmacon's wholly-owned subsidiaries NOK 31.5 million (€ 3.8 million) See details
2009-12-29 Novo Nordisk (Denmark) TREM-1 (Triggering Receptors Expressed on Myeloid cells-1) assets of BioXell (Italy) € 1.0 million See details
2009-12-23 Novartis (Switzerland) Corthera (USA) Under the terms of the transaction, Novartis will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Corthera’s stock for $ 120 million.
In addition, Corthera’s current shareholders will be eligible to receive additional payments of up to $ 500 million that are contingent upon clinical milestones, regulatory approval of relaxin and the achievement of commercialization targets.
See details
2009-12-23 AstraZeneca (UK) Novexel (France) up to $505 million (€ 352.6 million)
AstraZeneca has agreed to acquire 100 per cent of Novexel’s shares for $350 million in cash payable at completion and will pay up to an additional $75 million to Novexel shareholders if specified development milestones are reached.
AstraZeneca will also transfer to Novexel shareholders an amount equivalent to the cash balance of Novexel at closing, approximately $80 million.
See details
2009-12-21 AstraZeneca (UK) leptin modulator program from Biovitrum (Sweden) upfront payment of €6 million and if a product is approved, up to € 186 million in upfront and milestone payments contingent on development progress and sales, as well as single digit percentage royalties See details
2009-12-18 Merck&Co (USA) Avecia (UK) Financial details were not disclosed. See details
2009-12-16 Recipharm (Sweden) Cobra Biomanufacturing (UK)

See details
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