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Date: 2010-09-09
Acquiring pharma company: Cellectis (France)
Acquired biotech company: Cyto Pulse Sciences (USA)
Amount: $2.2 million paid in cash
Terms of the agreement:
Other: Cellectis has acquired all the assets of Cyto Pulse Sciences.
This US-based company is dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of electroporation technology and equipment.
This acquisition provides Cellectis with:
- Recurrent licensing income (>$600k in 2009) from HybrimuneTM, Cyto Pulse’s electrofusion technology that is licensed broadly to antibody companies; already available from Cellectis bioresearch
- A range of electroporation instruments for in vitro and in vivo delivery of nucleic acids and proteins, including DNA vaccines
- An unlimited access to Pulse Agile®, one of the safest electroporation technologies for use in combination with Cellectis’ meganuclease platform.

This acquisition is on line with Cellectis’s development strategy to acquire new technologies and business that complement its meganuclease platform (See BioPharmaceutiques n°128)