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Date: 2009-12-21
Company: Movetis (Belgium)
Amount: € 12.75 million
Planned use:
Other: Movetis has raised an additional €12.75 million from the issue of new shares in connection with the exercise of the Over-allotment Option in its IPO. The placement of new shares in the framework of the IPO has raised €97.75 million (fundraisings)
At the IPO a total of 7,979,592 shares were allotted, of which 6,938,776 were new shares and 1,040,816 were over-allotment shares.
The full exercise of the Over-allotment Option will result in 1,040,816 new shares (without VVPR Strip) being issued by Movetis NV at the offer price of €12.25 per share, amounting to approximately 15% of the offering (before over-allotments and exercise of the Over-allotment Option).
As a result, a total of 7,979,592 new shares of Movetis NV will have been placed on the market, equal to approximately 37.9% of the share capital of Movetis NV (after exercise of the Over-allotment Option), represented by 21,035,175 shares.

The share capital of Movetis amounts to € 52,567,221.48, represented by 21,035,175 shares. The total amount paid up on the shares (capital and issue premium) since incorporation amounts to € 160,431,002.